About Us

Es Performance & Outdoor Inc. is a brand created from professional athletes, coaches, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. With over 30 years of experience in competing and coaching at Olympics and World level, our desire and goal is to create products made with the newest trends, fabrics, and technologies. As people who need to wear and use high performance clothing daily that combines both functionality and high quality, we aim to provide our customers with the same. We work every day with the world’s highest-level athletes across many different sports and countries, utilizing their feedback to improve our designs and products. Our goal is to provide you, our customers, with the best possible performance sports and adventure/outdoor wear. We put all our products through extreme tests in real “user” conditions to ensure they can meet the highest expectations and demands. Whether you like skating, running, going to the gym, or just going outside for a hike or a walk in the mountains, our products can provide all you need – comfort, functionality, and quality.